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We provide a description of how to integrate OPAY into your online store operating on the Shopify platform. IMPORTANT! Testing the OPAY solution is not possible with the Shopify content management system without a separate integration with OPAY administration. Please contact us: Phone.: +370 611 55554 or e-mail:

Before starting to install the OPAY payment system into your online store, it is necessary to fill out the registration form on the OPAY website and sign the Payment Services Agreement with OPAY. Otherwise, you will not be able to proceed with the system installation, as you will not have the unique client identification data.

We provide a detailed description of how to install the OPAY payment system into online store operating on the SHOPIFY platform:

Installation guide

  1. Click here, to open the OPAY payment application on the Shopify page.
  2. Once the page has opened, click the Add app button. After this action, the system may prompt you to log in to the content management system of your online store – please proceed with the login.


  3. After logging in to the content management system of your online store, click the Install app button.


  4. In the opened window, enter the available unique identification data: store number (Website_id), signature password, and user identification ID (user_id). You can find these details in the Special part of the OPAY payment services agreement or in the first appendix of the agreement.


  5. After entering the unique identification data, the system will redirect you back to the environment of your online store - the installation of the OPAY payment system is now complete. If needed, on this page, you can modify the existing unique identification data by clicking the Manage button.


  6. Activate the OPAY payment system by clicking the Activate OPAY button.


  7. After this action, your online store is ready to accept customer payments through the OPAY payment system. If the installation of the OPAY payment system is successful, you will see OPAY payment methods on the payment page of your online store.


Payment page customization

If necessary, we have the option to customize the OPAY payment page to match the branding style of your online store. To make style adjustments, please send an email to [email protected], including the following details:

  • Website address of your online store
  • Desired color HEX code (e.g., #ff0000)
  • Logo in PNG or JPEG format with dimensions of 100 x 100 pixels. The recommended background for the logo is white, with a minimum of 10 pixels margin from the edges.



Operating an online store on the SHOPIFY platform provides you with two methods for processing full or partial refunds to your customers:

  1. Start by accessing the administrative environment of your SHOPIFY store to initiate a standard refund. Then, connect to OPAY self service, select the relevant order, click on View Refund, and confirm the pre-processed refund in the pop-up window. Please note that the funds will be returned to the customer only after completing all these steps.

  2. When you opt for this refund method, SHOPIFY will not reimburse you with 100% of the commission fee associated with the customer's payment. However, it's important to be aware that if a refund initiated within the SHOPIFY environment is not confirmed in OPAY self service for more than 30 calendar days, the refund will be automatically canceled. You can monitor real-time information regarding the refund status in both the SHOPIFY administrative environment and OPAY self service.

  3. Alternatively, you can sign in to the OPAY self service platform, select the relevant order, and click on View Refund. In the resulting pop-up window, input the desired refund amount and confirm the refund.

It's worth noting that when you choose this refund method, SHOPIFY will not reimburse you with 100% of the commission fee applied to the customer's payment. Real-time information about the refund can only be accessed through OPAY self service.